Hi, Impact

Like most of America, I’m part of the corporate machine.  I rise and grind from 7:15 – 5:30 during the week.  I’m allocated sick pay and not nearly enough vacation time, but I get every other Friday off – so at least there’s that.

I live for my long weekends and my vacation days.

I started off my travel obsession by following a few travel websites my parents recommended.  I distinctly remember one brisk fall day in 2013 when a flash sale came through my email to visit Iceland (tours, hotel, & airfare included!) for less than $1,000.  It sounded like this deal would last less than 48 hours, more likely less than 36, so I was filled with a sense of urgency.  Will I be able to round up friends in that time period? Will they be able to commit?

I didn’t even bother trying to line up any friends.  I decided to go alone.


Since that moment, I have built up my country count to 14:

Mexico – the Dominican Republic – Iceland – Canada – Italy – France – Belgium – the  Netherlands – Czechia – Germany – Austria – Hungary – Switzerland – United Kingdom

Traveling makes up a huge portion of my life now.  I set up a separate bank account to funnel savings in to monthly.  I have the best travel credit cards so I can build up airline points and travel without foreign exchange fees.  I monitor nearly a dozen deal websites so I can jump on low-cost opportunities as they pop up. My limiting factor, unfortunately, are my available vacation days.

I budget my vacation days just like I budget my finances.  I balance office holidays and long weekends to plan ideal weeks to escape the office.  From doing that, I’ve been able to go international twice this year along with a handful of shorter domestic trips.  I’ve been asked how I manage to pull it off.  Through practice, I have become an office escape artist.

I’ve learned a lot in my adventures, and I want to be able to share some of that with you.  I know how much travel has enriched my life, but it can be hard to leave the office and escape reality sometimes. Hopefully, some of what I share will help you find your adventure so you can also become an office escape artist.

Cheers and happy adventuring!

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