The Best Travel Deal Websites For 2021

Best Travel Deal Websites

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Looking to take a vacation? These are the best travel deal websites for booking flights, hotels, vacation packages, and more!

I took a trip to Paris in January 2020, but otherwise did not take a single flight in 2020. Not one. This is the longest I’ve gone without traveling in maybe a decade and a half and I want to go. I don’t even care where at this point, my wanderlust is fierce and I just want to get lost in someplace new.

Thankfully, COVID vaccination numbers are climbing and the pandemic seems to be (slowly) fading away. It finally feels like the end is in sight and travel may be possible again!

Now that the world is opening up again, it’s the perfect time to start monitoring for good opportunities. These sites are places that I have personally booked flights or vacation packages through and find both reliable and trustworthy. If you’re looking for the best travel package websites, this is my shortlist – sign up, dream, and travel again!

Please note: this post may contain affiliate links. What that means is, if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may make a commission at no additional cost to you. For more information, please see my Affiliate Disclosure.

Scott’s Cheap Flights – Best Flight Deal Site

Scott’s Cheap Flights is the ultimate travel deal website if you just want cheap flights to anywhere.

When you sign up, you set your departure airport and then wait for the deals to roll in. Whenever the SCF crew finds an unbeatable deal from your airport(s), you get an email with the deal details – arrival airport, applicable months, cabin class, airline, that kind of stuff. The email will also tell you how long they think the deal will last (and it’s usually less than two days).

With these kinds of deals, you have to be flexible and an opportunist. If something interests you, jump on it! I’ve booked flights to Amsterdam for $600-ish, Switzerland for $500-ish, Japan for $600-ish, and France for $400-ish. If you’re cringing because you’ve paid $1000+ for those very same routes, same. SCF is life-changing.

There are two tiers of membership, Free and Premium, and the Premium is totally worth it.

Google Flights & Flight Explorer – Best Flight Booking Website

If you have a specific destination and time in mind, then Google Flights and Flight Explorer is the best place to book flights.

With Google Flights, you can look up where you want to go and apply a whole bunch of filters – number of stops, airlines (including airline alliances, which is useful for those looking to rack up airline miles), total travel time, and more. Even more importantly, you can check out a price grid and track prices!

Google Flights - Best Place to Book Flights

Some airlines don’t show up on Google Flights, so if you’re loyal to Southwest, you’ll have to check out the SWA website directly. But otherwise, Google Flights is, in my opinion, the best place to book flights (I even go here if I see a deal from SCF!)

If you’re generally flexible but don’t want to wait for a deal, then Google Flight Explorer is the place to check out fights. You can enter either a region or time period and explore flight prices from there. You can filter by interests – hiking, beaches, museums, etc. – number of stops, airlines, and more. It’s a super powerful travel research tool.

Google Travel has a ton of great travel research features, honestly. You can check out things to do and research by kid-friendly, museums, amusement parks, skiing – really anything that could possibly interest you. Google also sources some relevant travel articles based on whatever you’re searching. – Best Hotel Booking Website

Whenever I book a hotel, I try and book through I like for 3 really important reasons:

  1. Great selection – there are always a variety of lodging options, no matter the destination
  2. A super powerful filter that makes it easy to narrow down to the perfect hotel in my price range
  3. An awesome rewards program that gives one night free for every 10 nights

With, you’re able to search on a map so you can search by location super easily. If you want to stay in the French Quarter in New Orleans or by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, no problem – just check out the map and search there. Then filter by price, average review, amenities (like WiFi, parking, breakfast availability, and more) to see what options are available.

Best Travel Deal Websites: Hotel Booking Sites

I quickly searched around the Eiffel Tower (located at the northwestern edge of the Champ de Mars), added some extensive filters, (including a very strict review filter!), and found over a dozen availabilities. All of this just took a couple of minutes. From here, I could click through the properties, see the pictures, review the fine print, and book instantly.

And in terms of the reward policy, it’s so easy. Your account automatically gets loaded with the free night after staying 10 nights. That tenth night is equal to the average cost of the ten nights that earned you that stay. Say that value is $155 – when you go to redeem it, you’ll just get $155 deducted off your booking cost. Voila, easy as that! No gimmicks.

Travelzoo – Best Travel Deal Website (for travel packages and more!)

If you’re looking for the best vacation package and travel deal website, it is Travelzoo, bar none.

Every week, Travelzoo publishes their “Top 20” travel deals and emails them out to subscribers. Subscribing is totally free and the deals include everything from all-inclusive vacation packages to guided tours in exotic lands to local deals, like restaurant deals and hot new shows.

Travelzoo is the website that first got me to travel. I watched amazing deals roll through each week but couldn’t get a group together. Finally, an amazing deal rolled through to Iceland – $900 from Denver including airfare, a hotel, and multiple escorted tours – and I couldn’t pass it up. Despite being nervous, I took the leap and booked my first solo trip. Since then, I’ve been hooked and have continued to be a loyal Travelzoo customer.

In addition to Iceland, I’ve a handful of all-inclusive Mexico trips, two fly & drive trips to Italy, and tons of local deals like hot new restaurant openings, circus shows, concerts, and burlesque performances. Travelzoo is a great all-around travel deal website and you never know what great deal might hit your inbox each time the Top 20 gets published.

Great Value Vacations – Best Travel Package Website

Great Value Vacations is a frequent flyer on Travelzoo’s Top 20 list. GVV puts together entire vacation packages at deeply discounted rates. I’ve booked with them twice for “fly and drives” through Italy (found via Travelzoo) and both times got nearly “too good to be true” prices and an awesome trip.

For my trips, the package price included airfare from the US, a rental car, and hotels. GVV includes guided trips, too – which is great for travelers who don’t want a DIY trip but something more structured. I’m definitely a DIY traveler, but I would be interested in a guided trip in a destination like Russia or Cuba, for instance.

For a one-stop-shop for putting together, literally, an entire vacation, Great Value Vacations is for you.

Cheap Caribbean – Best All-Inclusive Beach Vacation Website

Looking for a luxe, all-inclusive beach vacay in the Caribbean? Then Cheap Caribbean is the travel deal website for you! Cheap Caribbean has a powerful search tool that lets you customize your beach vacay until it’s literally perfect.

Interested in an all-inclusive, aduls-only retreat on the beach with a spa? Filter that down and see what’s available in your chosen destination. Check out pictures, reviews, and even Cheap Caribbean pros & cons.

Best Travel Deal Website: All Inclusive Beach Vacation Booking Site - Cheap Caribbean

I use Cheap Caribbean exclusively for my Caribbean vacation booking needs. I’ve booked over half a dozen trips through Cheap Caribbean all through the Riviera Maya and the Dominican Republic and I’ve loved every trip. I can’t imagine booking a beach trip through any other website.

World Nomads – Best Travel Insurance Website

You should never book a trip without also booking travel insurance. Travel insurance protects both you and the cost of your trip in case something should happen.

You can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home. World Nomads travel insurance is available to people from over 130 countries and covers overseas medical, evacuation, baggage, and even a range of adventure sports and activities.

Get a quote below!

Looking for the best travel deal websites? These sites offer the best vacation package, flight, & hotel deals for any traveler!

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