Gordon Ramsay Steak or the Eiffel Tower Las Vegas: which is better?

Paris Las Vegas

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Both Gordon Ramsay Steak and the Eiffel Tower are high-end restaurants in the Paris Las Vegas. Find out which one is a better experience here!

There is no shortage of excellent dining in Las Vegas. However, the Paris has two awesome fine dining options – ones that you especially shouldn’t miss if you’re staying at the Paris!

Your time in Vegas may be short or your budget may only allow for one high-end dining experience. How, then, can you pick between these two highly reviewed restaurants?

I visited both in June 2021 so you don’t have to! If you’re wondering if you should eat at Gordon Ramsay Steak or the Eiffel Tower restaurant, find out everything you need to know here – including my personal recommendation!

About the Paris Las Vegas

The Paris is located centrally on the Las Vegas Strip and is easy access to most everything you would want to see. Located between the Venetian and New York New York, across from the Bellagio and Ceasar’s Palace, and just adjacent to the LINQ Promenade, you really can’t beat this location.

The Paris is decorated with classic Parisian decor so the rooms are super cute and inside the casino feels like an old French street. Reception is mega luxe and feels a little bit like Versailles, so I loved that – especially since I love Paris!

The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and super tastefully decorated. I sprung for an Eiffel Tower/pool view room.

Side note, look how massive that shower is!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower was cool, but if you’re on a budget, it’s an easy expense to cut.

Gordon Ramsay Steak – everything you need to know

Menu & Cuisine

Gordon Ramsay Steak is open every day for dinner service only from 4:30 pm until 10:30 pm. The menu is traditional steakhouse meets British cuisine – think Beef Wellington, Wagyu steaks, and Scotch eggs.

Gordon Ramsay is British, so it’s fitting!

There is a tasting menu in addition to the regular menu. It includes 5 total courses – all fairly small, but it adds up! – that are a culinary adventure. When I visited, it included a Scotch egg, Hamachi crudo, diver scallops and English pea risotto, lobster & Beef Wellington, and the most delicious sticky toffee pudding. I paired it with wine (an excellent choice) and walked away thoroughly satisfied and a little bit drunk.

That stick of butter you see? It’s actually ice cream. So good!


The main menu is pretty pricey, coming in at $25+ (all the way up past $50!) for appetizers, $55-$135 for mains, and more for accompaniments, caviar, drinks, and dessert. HOWEVER, the tasting is pretty affordable, especially given the price of the main menu and the amount of food you get. For just under $160, you get 5 courses – including dessert – and another $80 (so ~15 per glass) for a wine pairing. On top of that, you get a copy of the menu signed by Gordon Ramsay!

Do the tasting, it is worth it and a deal!

Dress Code

The dress code is business casual, so dress like you would for working in an office – or nicer!


Gordon Ramsay Steak does a really good job of making your dining experience an experience.

First, you start off by walking through the “Tube” – a tunnel that transports you from Paris to London (get it? How cute is that!).

Gordon Ramsay Steak or the Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Then you enter the main dining space, which is decked out with British symbols.

Gordon Ramsay Steak Las Vegas Dining Room

It feels really open and welcoming, and the wait staff really add to that experience. I was able to chat with and joke with my waiter and he really helped elevate the whole experience.

The restaurant felt high-end but not pretentious. I personally love when a restaurant strikes that balance and it’s sometimes hard to find that outside of Houston.

I really enjoyed my experience at Gordon Ramsay Steak. The food was great, the wait staff were great, and the “Tube” was an unexpected cherry on top.

Eiffel Tower Restaurant – everything you need to know

Menu & Cuisine

The Eiffel Tower restaurant serves dinner every night of the week along with brunch on the weekends. The cuisine is classically French (think escargots and French onion soup) along with more classic steakhouse dishes, such as filet mignon and lobster. For brunch, you can enjoy lobster poached eggs, flatiron steak, soup & salad, and more.

I visited for dinner so can only speak to that experience.

I had the brioche crown with black sea salt butter. Following that, some tasty small bites were served. For my appetizer, I selected the lobster dijjonaise and had the Dover sole Grenobloise as my main. The brioche was absolutely amazing as was the lobster, but everything else was very “meh” for me.


Given that this is a high-end restaurant, the prices are pretty high. For dinner, expect to pay (approximately) $20 for an appetizer, $20 for soup or salad, $60+ for a main, and $16 for a dessert. Cocktails are roughly $20, as well. Plan to spend at least $100 per person for this experience.

Brunch is a prixe fix menu, clocking in at about $60 without drinks or enhancements.

Dress Code

You should plan to dress up for the Eiffel Tower restaurant. The published dress code seems to be “casual elegant”, so somewhere around business casual to night on the town should be good. I wore a nice maxi dress and fit in well. A lot of women were wearing cute bodycon dresses with heels or nice blouses with pencil skirts as well. Men, plan to wear slacks and a button-down shirt.


To enter the Eiffel Tower restaurant, you take an elevator from the center of the Paris casino straight up to the kitchen. The first view you’ll have will be an open-air kitchen, which was cool, but not really the romantic or trendy ambiance I was personally looking for.

Then, a hostess will take you to your table. The window seats are by special reservation only and fill up fast, so for everyone else not in a window seat, you’ll be stuffed into the other nooks and crannies of the restaurant. Why do I say nooks and crannies? Well, because the legs of the Eiffel Tower make the dining space a little strange – so the seating can feel tight and cramped at times.

Service was fine but a bit impersonal. If you’re looking for quiet service that exists at the fringe of your awareness, you’ll like the service at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. For me, personally, I like to interact with my wait staff a bit more, so it wasn’t exactly my thing.

As mentioned above, the food was good (I loved the brioche and the lobster), but I wouldn’t pay $100+ for it again.

However, I was visiting around my birthday and Open Table knew that, so the restaurant brought out a dessert for me to celebrate my birthday! That was a really sweet and unexpected touch.

Which is better: Gordon Ramsay Steak or the Eiffel Tower Las Vegas?

Gordon Ramsay Steak outshines the Eiffel Tower Las Vegas by far.

Price is the generally the same, but otherwise Gordon Ramsay Steak wins in food quality, service, ambiance, and experience.

However, if you want to experience both, I would encourage you to check out the Eiffel Tower brunch service. The food looks delicious and I suspect it will feel a little less cramped when brightened up with natural light.

Other Paris Hotel Restaurant Options

Restaurants in the Paris are expensive. Like grit-my-teeth-when-I-got-the-bill expensive. In one “cafe”, I got a Ceasar salad and a cocktail and paid OVER $50! I could have had a Ceasar salad and a cocktail for less at either Gordon Ramsay Steak or the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

That being said, Mon Ami Gabi is actually a pretty solid value. It is by far the best-priced restaurant in the Paris and with great food to match. I dined there on the day I flew home and was very satisfied with my experience. I can’t say that about any other restaurant in the Paris besides Gordon Ramsay steak or the Eiffel Tower restaurant.

Besides these three restaurants, I wouldn’t bother wasting your time or money at any other restaurants in the Paris. They are expensive, slow, and mediocre. Go explore the Strip and check out some place better!

Deciding between Gordon Ramsay Steak and the Eiffel Tower restaurant? Gordon Ramsay Steak is better for experience, food, and service and should not be missed!

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