12 Beach Essentials for an Awesome Day at the Ocean

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I live just an hour away from Galveston so it’s pretty easy to take a quick jaunt to the beach. I had visited 3 or 4 times before I realized that I was pretty unprepared for my beach trips. I saw all these seasoned families bringing the same gear to the beach – over and over again – and I decided that it was time that I bring more than a towel, a book, and some sunscreen.

From experience, these beach essentials will help you have an awesome day at the ocean. This gear is super packable so it’s great to throw in the car for quick day-trips or longer road trips – and you’ll even have use for it away from the beach, too!

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Tough & Collapsible Wagon

To haul everything on this list, I definitely recommend a tough (but collapsible!) wagon.  It folds down to about the size of two wagons but can fit everything on this list and more.

Super Comfy Beach Chair

This Coleman low-rise chair is super comfy and packable.  Sitting low to the ground feels more relaxed than traditional camping chairs.  The cup holder is extra convenient, too!

Large Hard-Sided Cooler

Although a Yeti is arguable the best cooler on the market, this hard-sided Coleman cooler packs a punch for the price.  I’ve never tested the claim that it can hold ice for 5 days but it does keep my food cold at the beach! Even better … it’s wheeled!

Super Packable Backpack Cooler

Sometimes I don’t want to pack an entire cooler (or I want to bring MORE than what fits in my cooler!).  On days like that, I use my backpack cooler.  This thing fits a lot more than you’d expect, keeps your food & drinks legit cold, and even has a bottle opener on the straps. 

Waterproof Kindle Oasis

I LOVE reading at the beach.  I get worried about my normal Kindle or Fire tablet getting damaged in the sun, sand, and water which is why I love the Kindle Oasis.  Waterproof, easy to read in the sun, and compact, this device was a game-changer.  Looking for recommendations? These are my favorite books.

Portable Grill

Imagine sitting on the beach, eating some grilled hot dogs, burgers, your favorite chips, and some watermelon.  That’s what summer is all about! You can easily grill at this beach with this portable charcoal grill.  Looking for a gas version? Weber has one of those, too.

Pop-Up Canopy

These are kind-of expensive, but definitely worth it if you’re spending days at the beach or hang out at outdoor events often. This pop-up canopy goes up super quickly and easily.  I’m pretty pale so I burn easily and I love being able to escape to the shade!

Foldable Table

If you’re going to the beach with a bunch of people, you’re going to want a packable table. It’s great for staging food that you’re cooking, holding other snacks, and keeping your beer & other drinks out of the sand. Plus, you’ll use this table away from the beach, too!

Insulated Water Bottle

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely  cannot stand drinking lukewarm water. I like my water icy and refreshing, which is hard on a summer beach day. This water bottle legit keeps my water icy-cold – in 90+ degree heat – for 12 or more hours. You need to hydrate in the sun!

Insulated Slim Can Cooler

Do you enjoy a refreshing hard seltzer at the beach? They aren’t so refreshing once they’re warm… but thankfully, this insulated slim can cooler keeps your beverage cool so every sip is as refreshing as the last!


I know, I sound like your mom. But sunscreen (and skin health in general!) is really important.  I like this spray sunscreen because it’s quick to apply, water-proof, and sweat-proof.  And I can just re-apply it when I feel my skin heating up!

Spray-On Aloe

Honestly, any aloe is good, but I love this pure spray-on aloe vera. Spray on makes it convenient for adding to hard-to-reach areas (hello, back!) when I’m alone in the restroom. Whatever aloe you get, make sure it’s pure and doesn’t have any alcohol in it!

Every item listed here will quickly become an essential item on your beach adventures.  It’s all packable so it’s great for a quick day at the beach or a longer beach road-trip.

Do you love any items that I’ve missed? Comment below!

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