What to Pack for a Disney Trip [the 13 must-have items for 2022]

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Are you preparing to visit Disney World or Disneyland? Find out everything you need to pack here!

The Disney parks are where childhood dreams come alive. At Disney World and Disneyland, you can see a fairytale castle, meet princesses, see parades galore, and experience the thrill of a rollercoaster.

But let’s be honest: visiting the Disney parks takes a lot of work. The parks are huge so there’s a ton of walking and you can easily plan on each park day being a full day. This means you need to carry everything you might need into the park (and carry it all day!)

The best way to enjoy your Disney vacation is to be prepared. Wondering what to pack for a Disney trip? Look no further than these 13 must-pack items!

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A comfortable backpack is an absolute must

You are allowed to bring a backpack into the Disney parks and – considering Disney days are legitimately full days, clocking in at 8-12 hours – a good backpack is the most important thing you can bring into either Disney World or Disneyland.

A good backpack has 3 important qualities:

  1. Comfortable straps! You will have this on your back for literal hours at a time, potentially days in a row. Thick, cushioned straps are most comfortable.
  2. Enough pockets & storage spaces to organize everything on this list efficiently.
  3. Is cute enough for Disney 🙂

If you want to look like you’re ~in the know~, then you should consider buying a Loungefly Disney bag. Loungefly bags are super popular (and super varied!) and tell everyone else that you are cool.

Loungefly bags are technically sold in the parks but the selection is pretty minimal. If you want one of these bags, your best bet is to buy one from Amazon, Hot Topic, or Box Lunch. (In addition to a better selection, you’ll also find better prices!)

You can get classic Mickey & Minnie backpacks…

Disney Princess backpacks…

And everything in-between, from Baby Yoda to Disney villains to Nightmare Before Christmas…

… and more!

Loungefly bags are super cute but perhaps just a bit small if you need to pack a jacket. Let’s be real, a trip to Disney is almost like hiking – don’t be surprised if you walk 8-12 miles in a single day! Because of that, a hiking daypack is going to maximize comfort and packability.

This bag is reasonably cute, has super squishy straps, and could hold everything you want to bring into the park… plus all the souvenirs you’ll want to pack out!

Walking shoes – the second most important thing for your Disney trip

I walked literally 19,000 steps every day I was at Disney.

That translates to 7-10 miles… every.single.day.

If you want any chance of enjoying your Disney day, you absolutely NEED high-quality, comfortable, walking shoes.

My go-to brand is Skechers. I absolutely LOVE the Skecher’s Go-Walk line and, for my flat feet, the arch support line is fantastic, too. In fact, this is the exact pair I wore over 5 days and got zero blisters. Plus, they are machine washable!

Pro tip: Skecher’s offers Rakuten cash back. Not yet a Rakuten member? Sign up FOR FREE here!

Hiking or atlhetic socks (critical with your walking shoes!)

Good shoes are critical for comfort, but good socks are just as important. Athletic socks are moisture-wicking and have additional cushioning where it matters the most. I wore these socks through both the Utah Mighty 5 National Parks (including an 8-mile hike in Bryce Canyon!) AND through Disney World, and never got a single blister. That’s pretty amazing.

Blister bandages – just in case

Assuming you picked good shoes and good socks, this probably isn’t going to be as important…. BUT a box of blister bandages thrown in your pack can be a real-life-saver. You’ve already spent all this money at Disney, you may as well be prepared so you can enjoy it as much as possible!

Blister Band-Aids, or the similar product by Compeed, are expensive but absolutely amazing. If you think you’re at risk of developing a blister, can feel a hot spot forming, or already have a blister, you can put one of these bandages on and feel, literally, instant relief.

I personally prefer Compeed, but both brands are wonderful!

Water bottle

Water bottles are expensive in Disneyland and Disney World – and staying hydrated is important! – so packing a water bottle is critical.

Full disclosure, it’s a little harder to fill these up during the pandemic, but you can always refill it for free from a glass of water if you’re doing sit-down dining.

I usually prefer a large 32oz bottle, but I think those are too heavy to carry around all day so I opted for a smaller bottle instead. Regardless, I like cold water, so stainless steel vacuum-sealed bottles are important!

A rain poncho for the surprise rainy days

Florida may be the “Sunshine State” but you should always be prepared for some rain. Here’s a little secret: the parks clear out when the weather isn’t great. That means it’s a great time for you to take advantage of smaller lines!

You could buy a poncho at Disney, but they are expensive and not super reusable. For just a little bit more, you can buy a robust poncho that will survive trips, football games, and parades galore.

When I visited Disney World in January, we had pretty heavy rain one day. This poncho was literally amazing. It was large enough to cover me AND my backpack, has a zipper and drawstring pull near the hood, and little snaps for making sleeves. Plus, it comes with a waterproof carrying case that can clip to the outside of your bag, keeping everything inside dry when you take it off!

A jacket (if visiting in cooler months!)

I visited Disney World in January and I usually needed a jacket in the morning and evening. A hoodie or windbreaker should be enough!

Sunscreen – even in the winter

It doesn’t matter if you’re visiting the Disney parks in the winter, you’re still going to be spending a LOT of time outside. Pack some sunscreen to protect yourself. This is especially true in the hot summer!

Anti-chafe balm

Soooo this may be TMI, but walking 19,000 steps a day in jeans is rough. I discovered there’s a seam that rubs me in a really uncomfortable place and my jeans ended up chafing me.

A little anti-chafe balm helped the pain for my remaining days and prevented further chafing. Do better than me and start your day with anti-chafe balm in your sensitive places!

External battery pack & charging cables

Your phone is going to be a lifeline in the Disney parks. You’ll need it to find park maps, wait times, check-in for dining reservations, call your Lyfts, and more. If you want to skip the Magic Band, your phone can also be used for park entry, Lightning Lane entry, and more.

What does this mean? Your phone needs to be charged – all day!

I really like the below power bank. It is pretty light, has two charging ports, and still holds 3 or 4 FULL iPhone charges. You really can’t beat that. This means you really only need one power pack for a family of 4!

I also love these charging cables. The braid keeps the cable from fraying (and if you have an iPhone, you know exactly what I mean).

My phone was usually down to about 50% come lunchtime, so would charge my phone while standing in a long line or while eating. This ensured that my phone always had power.

Bluetooth ear pods

I traveled to Disney World solo but I think Bluetooth ear pods could be great for anyone visiting the parks. If you’re solo, popping these in and listening to a podcast while standing in a long line can make the long line a little less miserable. If you’re in a group, they can help serve as a release while you’re waiting for your friends to finish a ride or if you need some time to yourself.

I’m not a fan of AirPods – the shape hurts my ears – but I LOVE these earbuds. The charge lasts forever, they come in lots of cute colors, noise quality is amazing, and the price is a fraction of what AirPods cost.


Florida is the Sunshine State. You gotta be prepared for sunshine!

Do you wear glasses? You might want to consider transitioning lenses. You’ll find yourself going in and out all day, so swapping glasses would get annoying. I personally LOVE Zenni Optical. Their prices are almost too good to be true – but they’re legit! So far, I’ve bought 3 pairs of glasses from Zenni and I’m a happy customer each time.

If you’re interested, you can get a $5 coupon here!

Pain medication, like Tylenol or Advil

Lines, heat, dehydration, too many Mickey ice cream bars, screaming children, or a ton of walking may lead to some pain. Be prepared and throw some in your backpack!

Wondering what to pack for a Disney trip? With these 13 items, you’re sure to have a magical vacation!

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