[Updated 2022] Drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari in Monaco on the F-1 Circuit!

Drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari in Monaco

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Is driving an exotic supercar a bucketlist experience for you? Experience the thrill of 550+ horsepower in the stunning French Riviera!

Monaco is the playground of the rich and famous. This tiny country – coming in at less than one square mile! – is one of the richest nations in the world. At least a third of the residents in Monaco are millionaires, so seeing superyachts or Lamborghinis is not surprising or rare. In fact, Lamborghinis or Ferraris are probably more common than Fords or Hondas!

You can get a glimpse into the life of luxury at the luxurious Monte Carlo Casino, but to really live like the rich and famous, you absolutely must drive an exotic supercar through the hills of Monaco and France.

Don’t visit Monaco without experiencing the thrill of an exotic supercar – find out why you need to drive a Lamborghini in Monaco with this complete review!

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About Monaco

Monaco is the second-smallest nation in the world, only slightly larger than Vatican City. This tiny city-state is just over one square mile, making it super easy to visit in just a day (especially if you’re staying in a city like Nice!). This stunning nation is located in the southernmost portion of France on the Mediterranean Sea. With rolling hills, gorgeous blue ocean, and stunning architecture, Monaco is a must-visit.

Monaco Bay

Nearly a third of the residents of Monaco are millionaires, meaning this is one of the wealthiest areas in the world! Here, you’ll find superyachts and supercars amongst the super-wealthy.

Superyacht in Monaco

Look at this yacht – it looks like it came straight out of the Below Deck series!

Despite being an ultra-wealthy nation, Monaco is super friendly and accessible by tourists.

Why drive a Lamborghini in Monaco?

Well…why not?!

You’re in the playground of the rich and famous, in the gorgeous French Riviera, and have the opportunity to drive an exotic Supercar through a portion of the Formula 1 circuit. When will you ever get an opportunity like this again?

At least, that was what I thought.

Is driving a Lamborghini in Monaco worth it?

YES! Yes yes yes. A million times yes.

I loved feeling the growl of 500+ horsepower at my feet. I loved hearing the engine as I wound through the many tunnels surrounding Monaco. I loved the looks from other people as I passed them. I loved stopping to enjoy the view of the French Rivieria. It sounds dumb, but I also loved feeling wealthy for an hour.

For a small additional fee, I was able to get a video of the drive. If you want to see what the route might look like, check it out below.

It was super fun and it’s one of my most-talked-about travel experiences now.

Convinced yet? Book your Lamborghini experience below!

When you’re done driving the Lambo, take a ferry across the bay and go gamble at the world-famous Monte Carlo casino! If you’re lucky like me, you might just win back the money you spent on the Lambo experience (and then some!) There are so many things to do in Monaco, so enjoy!

Visiting the French Riviera? Drive a Lamborghini in Monaco and experience what it’s like to be wealthy for a day!

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